DCR Partners

From complexity to clarity

DCR Partners is a technology consultancy based in the north servicing a number of high profile clients. They were in need of a brand proposition that would let them punch in the same category as established heavyweight firms such as like Deloitte and Accenture.

The brand identity and website would serve to reassure engaged prospective clients. We created a marque using the letters DCR (Digital Change Risk) to form a bold rounded symbol that synchronises the multiple facets of the firms’ services, the tail of the R suggests openness and communication. The black, white and greys allow the sparingly used red to take centre stage without becoming overbearing but remain a key graphic clue to the DCR brand.

Given that DCR Partners’ offerings are truly esoteric, we understood that prospects engaging with the brand would have a much better idea and understanding of the inner runnings of a technology audit and assurance programme than we ever would . We use suggestive imagery in places that focuses on the end result of DCR’s services rather than the actual technical process.


Services Provided:

Branding Digital Print

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